Gaultois in Winter – a boil-up in the woods


One of the favourite winter activities in Gaultois is to have a ‘boil-up’ in the woods.  And just like ‘boiling the billy’ in Australia the traditional pot for heating the water would be  a makeshift  old tin with a wire handle. We headed out with Rodney and Derek on the Piccaire Trail a little ways before turning off into a smaller track leading to a little clearing in the woods. The sky was blue, the ground white and our spirits lifted as we climbed the hills sharing many a story of cold , crisp days, other  campfires, and days gone past. We look forward to more days spent wandering the woods on Long Island and sharing many a hot cup of tea and buns.


Off down the track
carrying the water
going off the beaten track
into the woods
getting some branches to make a base for the fire
woman of the woods
winter scene
the base for the fire
“this is how we do it in the woods in winter”
shaving the wicks
there she goes
getting the hook ready




fire and ice
picture perfect
woman of the woods
shadow and light



here come the wood fairies
sisters Cathy & Marcella
pouring the tea
fireside chat
enjoying the cuppa and tea buns cooked by Rodney
long afternoon shadows
animal tracks on a frozen pond
enjoying the winter sunshine walkers Sandra and Judy




2 thoughts on “Gaultois in Winter – a boil-up in the woods

  1. How lucky you are to have found such lovely people to share with! I know it is a big part of why you return and good on you and them, much love Shiv’s
    Ps. might as well share what is going on here!

    Ok……well, I am all but naked, the house is closed against the outside heat, there is nothing more to do than wait for the passing and hope for survival. All I am thinking is “Don’t Go Outside, never leave the boat (house)” The north wind is upon us like a curse, blowing desert heat from central Australia and strong enough to fan any fire. It is 2 o’clock, the hottest part of the day, the mercury approaching 41 degrees Celsius. I huddle in the coolest corner of my vulnerable little house wondering if today is the day, the day I will be tested, the day it is my turn to stand up and be strong…..God help me to not let down my mates…..I would rather die than let down my mates! All there is left do to is wait and pray……..

    Hope you feel better! Actually, nothing like feeling the heat on your (nearly) unclothed body, everything heats up and one feels energetic, slightly sweaty and yes, perhaps more than a bit naughty! Best stay out of the midday heat and sip cool drinks. May go down the beach this arvo, catch a few ray’s etc, you remember…when too hot pop into the water, when slightly too cool pop out of the water….when ready put on sunnies and hat, skimpy coverings, promenade the beach as if not looking at everyone else, or pretending that everyone else is not looking at you, all feeling so hot……. then to purchase a chocolate vanilla ice cream to cool the heat……well you know the drill. Rather be with you, just jealous! Stay safe and well and again magnificent creations! Shiv’s


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