A Window on Winter – Gaultois Newfoundland

Midway through February and locals tell us it has been a mild winter so far and a little unpredictable thanks to El Nino.

Mostly the tracks around Gaultois are covered with ice so we wear our “creepers” –  spiked pull ons for the bottom of our shoes that grip the ice as we walk. We never leave the house without these or our spiked walking sticks. And hats. And mittens. And triple goose coats.  Fresh snow falls lightly on our nose and eyelashes and now is one of our favourite things…

Here are the views from the windows of Whale Bone Cottage on one beautiful winter’s day from dawn to sunset.


DSC09563 DSC09520 DSC09559 DSC09517 DSC09504 DSC09484 DSC09482 DSC09488 DSC09485 DSC09474 DSC09418 DSC09441 DSC09445 DSC09425 DSC09430 DSC09411 DSC09407 DSC09421 DSC09426 DSC09409 DSC09408



6 thoughts on “A Window on Winter – Gaultois Newfoundland

  1. Hello you two old crones.. What a spectacular place you are in. Great photos, and it sounds like an episode of Northern Exposure – but safely not in the gun slinging USA.

    We are awaiting Denton and family’s visit in sweltering heat and humidity. Lucius is doing very well at secondary school I’m told and all is well ‘down under’.

    Bye for now, Robyn

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  2. What beautiful photos and scenery, almost makes you feel transported, how nice to snuggle up in the warmth with snow on your windowsills, sorry I won’t be there to see the winter snow, I’m sure August will be equally beautiful. Xx


  3. What beauty! How vast and dominating – in a way- to have the elements so strongly present as to require near absolute obedience to its demands. Surrender to life’s calling…… I’ll say! Must be normal for those born and bred there but how are you feeling, very good I think! Lots of love, missing you, Shiv’s


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