Snowshoeing on Sunday

And it is still winter in Gaultois

Storms have come and go

Sometimes there is snow

What to do but ponder

The passing weather

And our inner space

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

DSC09735 DSC09701 DSC09698 DSC09695 DSC09766 DSC09752 DSC09770 DSC09743 DSC09763 DSC09738 DSC09722 DSC09734 DSC09733 DSC09721 DSC09719 DSC09716 DSC09718 DSC09709DSC09710 DSC09714Snow fell all day and all night and we woke to a pristine white wonderland. Setting off early it was just us and the fresh fallen snow. .




5 thoughts on “Snowshoeing on Sunday

  1. Great scenes! Must say love the dark sunglasses Nettie. What a fine action Fran is showing with the snow shoveling of the porch. Just out of bed, Jaxon is here running late and I about to take him to the train. Two babies next door. Saltry hot weather last 6 weeks never known Melbourne like it. People say never had Feb March like it since child. Trust you are both well and walls staying where they belong – not closing in. Missing you, lots of love

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