Glitter Rain and Silver Thaw – Glamour Days of Gaultois


Dictionary of Newfoundland English University of Toronto University 1982

glitter n or glidder

  1. the coating of ice deposited on exposed objects by freezing rain
  2. a condition of weather in which freezing rain deposits a coating of ice on exposed objects, the gradual deposit of ice on countryside, trees etc during freezing rain

1896 Swansborough : easterly winds, which glitter brings, and silver trees and other things

1897 JA Folklore: used on the west coast to denote that peculiar phenomenon known  generally throughout the northern part of America a ‘silver thaw’; that is’ when fine rain falling meets near the earth a colder stratum of air and becomes congealed, forming a covering of ice upon every object

1903 Howley: this is the name given by Newfoundlanders to that brilliant ice-garment with which trees, houses, bushes etc are clothed when Spring showers are frozen in the act of falling

1939 Dudley: it had rained in the night, frozen lightly in the morning, leaving a magical silver thaw. Enchanting, dazzling and glittering, the village stood covered in a cellophane coating of ice

2016 Hulme & Cairns: It was a dreamlike walk through the magic ice forest of Gaultois. The sky and water a  colour wheel of translucent blues and refracted light through the glitter that covered everything from the tiniest bud to whole roofs. Our feet crunched through the frozen crust of snow as we breathed in the sharp oxygenated air and marvelled at our surroundings.


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DSC09888 DSC09899 DSC09894


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