Feeling Alive in Deadman’s Bight – Harbour Breton Newfoundland

Four Australians venture onto the trail along Deadman’s Bight in Harbour Breton on the scenic south coast of Central Newfoundland – celebrating a sparkling Spring day

read more about this area here:



taking the ferry from Gaultois on Long Island
ahhh the sun…
signs of Spring…
the track to the lighthouse
the town of Harbour Breton

DSC01859 DSC01863

too cold for paddling!

DSC01864 DSC01866 DSC01870 DSC01877 DSC01883 DSC01893 DSC01895 DSC01896 DSC01897 DSC01899 DSC01904 DSC01905 DSC01906 DSC01911 DSC01923 DSC01925 DSC01930 DSC01948 DSC01953


One thought on “Feeling Alive in Deadman’s Bight – Harbour Breton Newfoundland

  1. Great link, interesting to imagine the lives of people over time, in the making of community and forming towns and naming places…. Glad you had a full experience of Deadmans Bite, though hope it did not hurt to much. Must be a story behind a name like that! Can only wonder at the power and beauty of Spring. Your photo’s share with us and as usual are brilliant. I do think there will be some picture framing in the future. Surely you will select a collection to record for the long future! Timeless!

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