Our Aussie Visitors to Gaultois, Long Island, Newfoundland

Our friends Thea and Adrian popped in for 6 day visit to Gaultois on the way from Europe to Australia.  We were blessed with a run of mild, sunny days so were able to get out and about and show off the local scenery. A lovely time shared in a special place.



on the Piccarie trail
across the fen
going on a bear hunt…
checking out the frogs and pitcher plants
Gaultois Anglican Chruch
along the boardwalk…no car walking community
starfish gazing in Gaultouis Harbour
and the fish were this big…
dinner at the Gaultois Inn
Adrian lends a hand to Danny & Rodney building the bridge extension
another ferry ride
DSC01810 with Marcella and Matthew
oh my those lobsters!
the bridge is finished!
three happy chappies
photo 3
comfort supper
photo 5
night ferry with full moon
checking out the view from Whale Bone Cottage front bridge
Whale Bone Cottage is the light blue house above the green one in background
photo 2
resting at Piccaire Pond

DSC01656 DSC01666 DSC01675 DSC01676 DSC01688 DSC01689 DSC01691 DSC01699 DSC01701 DSC01705 DSC01706 DSC01714 DSC01732 DSC01758 DSC01804 DSC01834

time to go home…

4 thoughts on “Our Aussie Visitors to Gaultois, Long Island, Newfoundland

  1. Well, it seems to work, (this time!) What a time you are having. Great to see Thea and Adrian and the lovely photo’s. What a grand lifestyle. It seems every point of the compass is a photo opportunity. Trust whalebone cottage served well to keep you snug and warm. Winter is presenting here and we are just about at full “keep warm” mode and only a few weeks till the shortest day. Still feeling your absence here but wanting you to have the best time! Much Love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hi to you James…we miss your presence too and hope you have a gentle winter.We up at the crack this morning getting ready for the ferry and trip north to the cabin first time in two years – will send you a missive from da pond…much love as always xxxxx


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