It’s not a long, long way to Piccaire…abandoned outport Newfoundland


Piccaire is a special place on Long Island, south coast of Newfoudnland, Canada. One of the many outports that were resettled as part of the then government’s centralisation of population plan.

The resettlement program had many critics, as they noted that it resulted in what was likened to a “cultural genocide” as rural Newfoundland society became decimated. The cod moratorium of 1992 was another blow to the outport communities, whose entire economies were based on the ocean and its resources. (

Breakheart, Piccarie, Round Harbour, Stone Valley, Raymond’s Point, Patrick’s Harbour, Harbour Galley and Gaultois are the eight communities that were once located on the island. The communities were home to hundreds of people. Today, Gaultois is the only inhabited community.

Now Piccaire  is a popular destination of trail walkers – a stunning 3 hour return trip from the charming village of Gaultois.



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The lovely Phyllis Harris (nee Hunt) by pond at Piccaire 1957
life was sweet and simple for the children of Piccarie


Chad Simms: horse grazing in Piccaire

The dark one was a Newfoundland pony the chest nut Color one his name is Spike and the dark brown one is Lady…

We had one horse first and we gaze our horses there for almost 20 years.

They met a lot to us I use to ride around the town of Gaultois almost everyday and my dad use to gather fire wood with the Newfoundland pony every winter and we use to take the horses and go up for wenier roasts. it was amazing to grow up with so much freedom in Gaultois.



Discover Piccaire:



Looking for somewhere to stay while you enjoy the unique experience of Gaultois?

Check out Whale Song Cottage:



Whale Song Cottage an authentic outport experience

Gaultois, NL, Canada

<blockquote>Whale Song Cottage is located in Gaultois on Long Island in the Coast of Bays on the southern coast of Newfoundland. This is a very special, but little known outport (can only be reached by boat or…</blockquote></div></div>







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