Oslo – Grünerløkka

After our long trip up and down fjords for two weeks it was wonderful to relax at Margrethe’s cottage in Dops Gate Grünerløkka located in the oldest part of Oslo which was originally established around year 1000. Margrethe’s  three level house is two hundred years old with tiny doors and low ceilings – watch your head Fran!

A sunny, Autumn day was just perfect for a walk in the cemetery just up the stairs from the cottage. We hear three people singing by a graveside.  The graveyard has been ‘full’ since mid 19 century and many ‘notables’ are buried here including Munch and Ibsen.

Our Somali/Norwegian taxi driver tells us there is only 650,000 people living in Oslo and about 16,000 Somalis making them the largest immigrant group – welcomed here due to labour shortage. They are happy.

So now it is time to regroup  before heading back north into the Arctic Circle, this time overland for another two weeks – in time for the super full moon – this time to experience Lapland…

highly recommended

Sjarmerende trehus med hage!

Charming wooden house with a garden!

Sjarmerende trehus fra tidlig 1800-tall med hage og to plattinger beliggende i småhusbebyggelse fra samme tidsperiode. Sentral beliggenhet med gangavstand til sentrum og det meste. Her kan du nyte …













Edvard Munch


Henrik Ibsen’s grave – hammer represents poem he wrote as a young man ‘The Miner’
Hammer-blow on hammer-blow
Till the lamp of life is low.
Not a ray of hope’s fore-warning;
On his wife’s Sussannah, grave, is the poem he dedicated to her in acknowledgement of love and support throughout his literary life:
Her griefs were the hours
When my struggle was sore,--
Her joys were the powers
That the climber upbore.
Her home is the boundless
Free ocean that seems
To rock, calm and soundless,
My galleon of dreams.
Half hers are the glancing
Creations that throng
With pageant and dancing
The ways of my song.
My fires when they dwindle
Are lit from her brand;
Men see them rekindle
Nor guess by whose hand.
Of thanks to requite her
No least thought is hers,--
And therefore I write her,
Once, thanks in a verse.




every Norwegian municipality has its own coat of arms which is present on the drain covers in roads – nice touch



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